Travel Fitness and Cornwall

Cornish Beach

Keeping fit and healthy isn’t too hard in a place like Cornwall, fundamentally the great outdoors and amazing landscape are key in helping you to maintain your healthy lifestyle or even kick start your future health goals. Not to talk about the delicious healthy food outlets Cornwall has to offer. My favourite being the homemade granola and tucking into a bircher muesli in a little surfy café overlooking the beach.
I have travelled to different places around Britain and the wider world, visiting lots of hip cities and towns. However, Cornwall is special because it host’s an array of vibrant towns and cruisy surf spots to visit. Nevertheless, like every trip, finding the right balance to health and fitness can be a challenge.

Beach Cafe

When looking through a travel book on Cornwall the places recommended to visit include the ever popular Padstow, St Ives and Newquay. But when searching and exploring this incredible county, I came across a little hidden Cornish village called Crantock, situated 2 miles out of Newquay. This place isn’t boasted about in travel books but from my point of view and most people that have visited the area, it is definitely worth a visit. If you are looking at starting a fitness, health and wellness journey or are currently on one, then this is the place to come. Picturesque run routes, water sports, spa facilities and modern eateries, it is a place that screams ‘Travel Fitness’

The beating heart of the small village is definitely the beach situated along the North Coast of Cornwall between two stunning headlands that offer fantastic coastal walks and sublime views across the Atlantic Ocean and Cornish coast. The beach is a hub for sports which include surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, open water swimming or even just a splash in the sea! The beach is also a great place to explore and for fans of walking there are paths that meander around a river estuary and join the famous South West Coast Path.

For those looking for something a bit different or new to try, then you have to have a go at the yoga on paddle boards which takes place along the River Gannel, a great workout for your core and building strength. Just be careful not to fall in the water!!!

Taking a step away from the fitness and exercise aspect, Crantock also taps into improving your wellness and mental health. With open space, nature and opportunities to rest, reset and revive, Crantock is the perfect place to visit. At the end of one of the headlands (West Pentire) sits a coastal spa that looks across the bay of Crantock. Here you will find holistic treatments, swimming pool and an open planned, modern bistro where you can enjoy some healthy food.

Visiting Crantock, Cornwall is a perfect way to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling, knowing this you will be able to enjoy your holiday and leave feeling revived instead of overtired or stressed. Everyone’s aims and overall intentions are different in relation to their own personal fitness and wellness goals. The vital ingredient here whilst visiting Cornwall is moderation and balance, enjoy the simplicity of the outdoors whilst enjoying some tasty Cornish food in a café overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. You can allow your body and mind to energise whilst maintaining your well-being.