Just Strong – Empowering Women

Strong Women

Vitamin Sea Travel is proud to say that we are a part of the ‘Just Strong’ brand and have partnered alongside them as an ambassador. Sharing their important views regarding empowering women in sport and fitness.

To give you an insight into what Just Strong represents, here is a little bit about them.

Just Strong are a lifestyle brand for strong women. They cater for experienced lifters, new exercise starters or for women that have simply overcome adversities in life. The ethos of the Just Strong community is to make sure you never give up.

Empowerment measures self determination in order to represent interests, whether that’s in sports, career, education or just simply life. Brands like Just Strong help identify and represent women who continue to battle within the sectors. It’s important that together we stay determined, driven and obtain the goals we set ourselves.

Before Vitamin Sea Travel, I worked in a variety of roles within the sport and fitness industry and always found it hard to move forward or even make myself heard in a predominately male dominated industry. I believe now with brands like Just Strong, strong women like Michelle Obama dominating the media, women in general are beginning to put themselves in a position where they can be heard.
Head over to the Just Strong website and take a look at the wonderful selection of fitness clothing for all shapes and sizes.

Use the code LOIBRA10 for an extra 10% off and begin a journey with a sense of self determination!