About Lois

The story of Vitamin Sea Travel has been created by Lois Brandham right here in Cornwall. Although she has travelled the world Lois has always returned to and has now settled in her native Cornwall where she has created a travel company with a difference: Vitamin Sea Travel.

Save time & use a local expert

Vitamin Sea Travel are just about as far away from package holidays as you can get as every single component of these holidays has been created especially for each individual client with their friends or families. Created to uniquely match for example their specific interests, tastes, energy, fitness, or hobbies, these are then combined with the accommodation, entertainment and fine dining of their choice to create a perfectly tailored holiday solution.

Ideal for long or short breaks, this approach that Lois has created will take the time and the hassle out of holiday planning both before and on arrival in Cornwall and achieve a smooth bespoke service with an itinerary packed with the quality products her clients demand.

No more wasting time finding the right hotel, cottage or base, or spending holiday time chasing down, checking and booking the best providers of key holiday activities in Cornwall. With Vitamin Sea Travels pre planning, guests will arrive relaxed in the knowledge that all is prepared and that they are already known to and will be welcomed by activity or accommodation providers alike for their visit.

Cornwall is my home

The concept of Vitamin Sea Travel is inspired by Lois’s own experiences in many parts of the world and the challenges she faced in both time and energy acquiring exactly the itinerary and activities she desired. Lois also found for example that it was hard to maintain any health and fitness goals she had set herself or even just to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into her plans whilst away. It was difficult to find a safe run route, a nearby gym or a tried and tested yoga class. Identifying and picking the best activity providers was in itself a time consuming job. It was then on a quaint and quiet beach in Cornwall that Lois reflected on the challenges of creating a fun filled and activity centred holiday.

“I found the solutions right in front of me in Cornwall where there was an abundance of water sport activities, picturesque coastal run routes, luxury wellness spas, fresh sea air and a lavishness of health, fitness and wellness all around that I knew about and wanted to share”.

Cornwall is where Lois grew up and lives. Her parents have been in the tourist business for many years operating holiday cottages and holidays and she has worked and helped in the family business Despite all her globetrotting Lois lives and breathes Cornwall.

Unique holidays made just for you

“Although I have travelled the world and spent many years working in the travel business, I knew that this rugged and charming place was truly unique and a location people could come to, to escape, relax and also enjoy some of the fantastic activities and outdoor space needed to help us enjoy a healthy lifestyle”.

Lois believes our health is a fundamental contributor to quality of life and wanted to ensure that Vitamin Sea Travel not only offers an escape to Cornwall, but also a way to provide and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle using expert local knowledge and a commitment to the finer details of your holiday. It is Vitamin Sea’s mission to create bespoke health, fitness and wellness holidays in Cornwall, a place you can come to escape the everyday routine, relax, explore, challenge and even set the building blocks for a better quality of life. The groundwork of all happiness is good health and with holidays designed to match specifically individual tastes, interests and healthy exciting activities, Vitamin Sea Travel can help ensure your holiday in Cornwall contributes ultimately not only to your enjoyment and fun but your well being. .